About janus

My name is Janus Tiu, and I am a design virtuoso, innovator, and Senior Experience Designer at the renowned Electronic Arts (EA).At the crossroads of my passions for design and helping others shape their career paths, I founded Liftyz, an innovative online community and career coaching service for product and UX designers. I set on a journey to disrupt the professional development landscape for designers. As an influencer with a following of over 60k on various social media platforms, I expanded my reach within the design community.

At EA, I oversaw several studio partnership initiatives, product design discovery work, and creating new features for EASocial. EA Social is an in-game social hub that allows users from different countries and different platforms to interact with one another and play together in EA games. EA Social made its debut during FIFA 23. Since then, it has provided services to over 8 million players globally.

In addition to my role at EA, I also actively contribute to the design community. I am a mentor for Dribbble's product design program, a UX design instructor at BrainStation, and a content creator with a total following of over 60k across platforms. My Instagram account(@janustiu) reaches an average of 431k accounts per month.

Through my content, I strive to provide bite-sized educational content on UX design and tech career advice to help young professionals land tech jobs and promote diversity in the industry. I have also been invited to speak at design events and participate as a judge in university design competitions.

Converging my passion for design and the innate desire to help young people succeed in the professional world, I founded Liftyz, au nique online community and career counseling service. In the pursuit to aid and empower novice designers on their path to success, Liftyz connects them with a network of like-minded peers, insider knowledge about the design profession, tips for finding a job, and mentoring programs.

Before entering the product design field, I was a psychotherapist-in-training and the founder of OpenRoom, an online sexuality education platform based in Hong Kong. My work has been featured at TEDx, MarieClaire, Yahoo!, RTHK, and other international and local media channels.

I hold a Master's degree in Marketing from King's College London.