EA Social

Building multi-platform in-game social experience for over 10 million players around the world

My team and I are building EA social to supercharge the social experience for multiple AAA game tittles at EA.

I am leading the product design effort for new features and multiple integration projects for EA Social that supports 26 languages and serving 8 million of users from all around the world.

Over 3 millions friendships were made to-date. EA Social is now live in FIFA 23.


Led the design for e-commerce solution for over 1,000 car manufacturers and dealers

I joined Motoinsight (Autotrader.ca) as the design lead of the browsing experience for Motocommerce platform that offers omni-channel e-commerce solution for over 1,000 car manufacturers and dealers throughout North America, e.g. Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Audi, and Honda, with 1 million monthly users and growing.

By working closely with product and engineering teams and using data driven research for validation and optimization, we developed a product that generates quality leads for the dealers, and provided an easier and more transparent experience for the car buyers.

BNY Mellon

Drove new client acquisition for BNY Mellon new financial service with interactive tools

I led the UX design, along with a team of 3 UI designers, an art director and a copywriter to strategize the design and the content strategy for their MVP pre-login marketing site with the goals of helping to drive new clients through education of the new service using interactive tools.

The site has gained positive recognition from the client. I received a spot bonus (nominated by my team) for my excellent performance for driving UX efforts for this project after joining the company 6 months.

BNY Mellon Wealth management

Led the content migration and the redesign of the site

The BNY Mellon Wealth Management website needed a brand refresh as well as an improved user experience. I was responsible for leading the site migration project and auditing 550 pages. In three months, I designed 26 new responsive templates and a new design system with 2 art directors.


Improved the site wayfinding through redesigning the navigational system and testings

Many users struggled to find desired content on McKinsey.com due to inconsistent navigation systems and unclear nomenclatures.

I collaborated with user researchers to conduct usability testings and tree-testings with 120 participants through Optimal Workshop, revamped the website navigation systems and provided guidelines to the content team to arrange content that fits users' mental models and improve findability of the content.