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Senior Experience Designer at Electronic Arts /
Founder at Liftyz /
Design Instructor at Dribbble & BrainStation /
Content Creator


Common adjectives my co-workers have used to describe me are: open-minded, ambitious, cheerful and smart

Making product
design impactful
Design is problem solving
As a product design lead, I leverage analytical and divergent thinking to generate a wide array of potential design solutions that span various platforms. I thrive in collaborative environments that bring together teams consisting of professionals from diverse disciplines and clients. By establishing design practices that inspire and motivate, I have fostered environments that attract top talent and encourage a culture of innovation and excellence.
Design + business = magic
My goal is to create impactful designs that support business goals by utilizing quantitative and qualitative findings. Throughout my years of being a product designer, I have learned to design with a product management mindset. Ultimately, my aim is to create designs that not only look visually appealing but also contribute to the success of the business. I hold a Master's degree in Marketing from King's College London.

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Fusion of business and user experience Fusion of business and user experience Fusion of business and user experience 
Making Design Impactful • Making Design Impactful • Making Design Impactful • Making Design Impactful • Making Design Impactful 


Went above and beyond

"Janus is responsive, punctual, and an absolute professional. Her design solutions went above and beyond what we were looking for. She was open to feedback, often intuiting what I was asking for. If you are looking to work with a designer who is a joy to collaborate with, work with Janus."

Julia Tian
Group Marketing Manager @ Adobe

Earns my highest recommendation

“She had the ability to get people on board with ideas – even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a discussion, Janus remained calm and with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Janus earns my highest recommendation.”

Maria Mc Cormick
Scrum Master @ TD Bank

Data-driven storytelling

"Janus stood out to me as an inspirational product designer and team player with high emotional intelligence. Janus excels at UX research and presentation, and is able to engage any listener with her compelling data-driven storytelling. I would recommend working with Janus on any UX challenge!"

Elise Wang
UX Designer @ Critical Mass

Clear guidelines for developers

“It was a pleasure working with Janus Tiu. She is detail-minded and creative. She knows how to deliver website design that meets the clients’ objectives with minimal corrections. Her wireframes and documentation provide clear guideline for us to build products.”

Kelvin Tam
Senior Security Analyst @

A natural leader

"Janus is a natural leader who takes charge. She's diligent in her work and creative in how she solves her problems. She's also easy to work with where she has a sense of team spirit."

Maryam Ndope
UX Specialist @ Apply Digital

Teaching & Mentorship

175+ mentees + students
Paid Mentorship service

I love teaching and mentoring designers. It is rewarding to see designers progress both academically and professionally. Teaching exposes me to a world of different nations, cultures and the greatest diversity of personalities. I am a design instructor at Dribbble and Brainstation.

Through paid mentorship programs, I help junior-intermediate designers to level up their design careers and sharpen their business design skills. My mentees landed jobs at Amazon, Epic Games, Dropbox, Avanade, Scotiabank, Deloitte, PwC, and other great companies.


for product designers
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Figma resume templates for new ux & product designers (FREE)

Resume templates with auto-layouts created for newbie UX & product designers with instructions and demo copy. My mentees used these templates and landed job interviews at Amazon, Dropbox, PwC, McKinsey and other great companies.

Design Critique Template (FREE)

Design critiques are an essential step in promoting teamwork and improving ideas. I created this template to help product designers prepare for design critiques and conduct productive, efficient critiques for actionable feedback.